Make Love, Not War – Do We Need Politicians To Change The World?

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There’s been a question on my mind for quite a while now: Are political leaders of the world actually capable of making a genuine difference in the world or are they only part of the self-serving monster that is politics?

I’ve asked a number of people whether they had reasons to trust and believe in the usefulness of politics. Most of them mentioned the following:

  • arrogance
  • corruption
  • greed
  • power-struggle
  • secrecy

Only a few people whom I questioned actually saw any sense in politics and even that was probably because they had a hard time to imagine humankind without politics; the rest didn’t see any point in why we need political systems at all.

Learning Our Lessons

Apart from secrecy, greed and corruption that occur almost daily in nearly every country, there are many other reasons to mistrust politicians. However, this article is not about painting our politicians black, it’s about looking at the situation from a much more broader perspective.

Make Love, not war! – American anti-war slogan of the 60s

Since everything that there is is an integral part of consciousness wouldn’t that be more useful to ask ourselves what lessons can we draw from the situation on both personal levels and as a collective whole?

I sense that there’s a lot more for humanity to discover about ourselves than meets the eye and political systems may be the playground, and political leaders are the triggers for us to learn acceptance, compassion, love, and understanding.

Becoming Part of The Solution, Not The Problem

war is over - imageYes, our political systems are rotten, but isn’t it time for us to gain our inner strength and power and rise above all the clandestine shit as well as conflicts that politics creates? Learning how to cultivate one’s inner power is crucial here.

I personally abstain from any protesting activity, and that includes watching TV and judging (I don’t even have a TV), as I believe that according to the law of attraction, resisting something only creates more of that which we don’t want.

It doesn’t mean I go along with certain situations however, in my opinion, exercising one’s inner power and common sense over a conflicting situation is much more likely to solve it than acting from fear and anger. All it takes is reaching the critical mass. After all I choose to be part of the solution, not part of the problem!

Power vs Force

Power is strong, force is weak. And still most people unfortunately succumb into exercising force over people and situations instead of using their power. That includes our politicians as well. It’s clear that they act out of fear and powerlessness, therefore there’s a tendency to use force.

Visionary Politicians

But now, imagine just imagine: what if political leaders of the world experimented with visionary plants, would there be:

  • love and understanding on this planet
  • more acceptance
  • more peace
  • no greed
  • no corruption
  • no poverty
  • cleaner environment
  • fewer political-control issues
  • more bliss & happiness and less anger & depression

The thing is visionary plants have the capacity to broaden one’s perspective and as you know, perspective is everything. The world appears to you as you view it. I imagine our political leaders explore the depths of consciousness by means of visionary plants.

Visionary plants have a purpose here on this planet, they came from the cosmos eons ago to assist humanity on our journey to God.

I imagine a time when visionary plants aren’t seen as danger, therefore proscribed by law as it happens today in most countries of the world but rather embraced and appreciated for the wonder that they are. Forbidding visionary plants is equal to forbidding spiritual development, and this is no good.

I imagine a world without borders and political systems, a world where there is no need to protect human rights as every human is respected, and to create such a world we should begin with ourselves.

As we shift our perspectives of the world and kill stereotypical thinking we will be able to reach the critical mass needed to propel humanity onto our next stage of development. As we make that shift there will be no need to condemn our politicians of wrongdoing since eventually they are us and we are them and together we are all and all we do here is learn our lessons each in our own unique way.



  1. I have been VERY happy to find this blog and hear about psilohuasca (though I respect the power of magic mushrooms by themselves also!). But I felt urge to contact after reading this: “I personally abstain from any protesting activity, and that includes watching TV and judging (I don’t even have a TV), as I believe that according to the law of attraction, resisting something only creates more of that which we don’t want. – See more at:” I feel very against this type of New Age thinking. Of course you have the right to believe this, but I also have the right to challenge it which is what I am doing. You know Indigenous peoples around the world now ARE protesting. They HAVE to. These politicans and corporations are very evil people, make no mistake. Yes, they are of course misguided and lost, but going ‘ahhhhhh’ at them will not make them disappear. Nor will throwing the TV out of the window. Many years before TV, millions of young men were seduced into going to their death, and lifelong disability, into World War One. In those days they didn’t need TV or radio, they used art, posters ‘Your Country Needs You’ and words–PROPAGANDA. Some extremists like Jan Irvin believe that these control freaks even devised the 1960s psychedelic movement to stifle protest. I dont buy that because many of those against Vietnam were not strangers to protest. But look, IF someone comes in a mothers house and wants to poison her children’s water, she MUST protest. When these people are coming into peoples lands who RELY on water from the land they MUST protest. Taking a psychedelic and journeying to some ‘all is one dream’ is not enough. Psychedelic experience SHOULD, for me, wake us up to the urgency OF direct protesting the injustice being down to our species, other species, and Mother Earth. I am sure the plants, fungi etc would agree. because they like us depend on fresh air, good unpolluted water, and enriched soil

    • Visionary Universe says:

      Thank you for your comment. I agree with you about the modern day corporations and political systems. Those are self-serving and evil. However, this article is not about the question whether to protest or not to protest against the evil. If you read carefully into it you will see it’s talking about drawing valuable lessons from what life bestows upon us. It also hypothesizes about what would happen if politicians broadened their perspective. It’s an entirely personal thing whether to oppose the evil or not. In fact, it’s quite natural for our egos to oppose it.

      One thing to note is this: in order to cause any lasting change at all it’s important to be able to place yourself outside of the problem and be able to first observe what is going on. Once you have the broader picture, only then will you be able to make informed decisions and act in the ways that are appropriate for solving that problem.

      Yes, I do believe that by fighting the evil we actually feed the evil. However, it’s only my belief and your beliefs about it might be totally different from mine and that’s absolutely fine. When someone comes into a mother’s house and wants to poison her children’s water there’s little time for the mother to think whether it’s right or wrong to protest. She instinctively fights for the lives of her children and her own life. It’s a valuable survival mechanism that is inherent in all of us and in such an extreme situation like this it is normal to respond in the way we respond.

      Visionary plants don’t solve our problems for us, all they do is broaden our perspective on ourselves and the world around us and as my article states, perspective is everything. Problems and conflicts exist, not because they are real but because we humans get stuck in our egocentric thinking and can’t see the bigger picture. Believe me, it’s really enough to solve a problem by just looking on it from an entirely different perspective for nothing is set in stone in this universe. The universe does not know fixed states. Everything is fluid, adaptable and changeable including the states we call problems.

      One way or another, we all are here to learn. My lesson in this lifetime is not yours and yours is not mine. If you feel the urge to go out and protest, do it. There’s nothing wrong with that. But don’t do it with the attitude “it’s either my way or the highway”.

      If you are interested in this topic, I can recommend reading the book called Power vs Force by David R. Hawkins. That book was a real eye-opener for me years back. Force is brutal, it creates discord in everything. Power is calm and it creates harmony in everything.

      Also, read about the relationship between Leo Tolstoy and Mohandas Gandhi and nonviolent resistance. Tolstoy once wrote to Gandhi when he was still a young protester living in South Africa that only by using love as a weapon through passive resistance could the native Indian people overthrow the colonial British Empire. The British Empire was overthrown with minimal casualties.

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