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Here is an account of my personal experience with Psilohuasca so far. I had done a ceremony on myself with Banisteriopsis Caapi (an MAO inhibitor) and sclerotia (truffles) three weeks ago but then my exploration of the Psilohuasca-scape continued and I have recently had another ceremony.

I am not sure about the safe dose, but I took half a cup of Caapi brew (have done 5 extractions out 50g of shredded Caapi vine) and two sorts of sclerotia. 10g of Cosmic Connections and the other one was Sclerotia Hollandia, which when I weighed was 17g instead of 15g indicated on the box.

Psilohuasca Healing - sclerotia boxesSo in total I took 27g of sclerotia. I intuitively knew that everything would be alright. When I do so, situations usually work out for me very well!

First I took the Caapi brew then about one hour later 10g of Cosmic Connections, all in one intake. This sclerotium didn’t seem to affect me that quickly and after about an hour I only felt a very mild effect on me in form of tiny electric currents flickering before my eyes when I moved my head. Then I decided to take the Hollandia. Split up the contents of the box in three equal portions then chewed on each portion thoroughly with intervals of 25min in between and downed everything with water at each turn.

After I took the last portion the effect started to occur very rapidly and was similar to when Ayahuasca starts to work i.e. I was starting to see geometric patterns in full color. Serpents and patterns of nature were rapidly expanding before me eyes.

I began to feel anxious at the fact that the takeover was happening so very quickly and there was no way back for me. I felt heat rising up in my whole body. I even tried to vomit but failed to do so. Then I remembered that the best way is to just relax into the experience and go with it, be grateful for it, not fight it. A lesson I learned from Ayahuasca drinking. The more you fight, the more you suffer.

I lay down and closed my eyes and seemed to sink into oblivion. Then when I regained my consciousness I was already in full swing. The Spirit of the Mushroom seemed to come through. The WORK began…

The Diet

A few words on the diet. I didn’t keep a strict shamanic diet prior to the ceremony but I still avoided alcohol, sugar, salt, heavy foods and sex. Approximately 24 hours before the night of the ceremony I stopped eating any food altogether and drank only water. I don’t think it’s a requirement not to eat so long but I like to feel light and empty.

The Intentions

As a side note I should mention that before the ceremony I set specific intentions. Actually, I had written my intentions a long time ago then over time refined them down to very specific ones. I picked a couple of “master intentions” and started the ceremony.

Since I come from quite a dysfunctional family one of my grand intentions was of course to heal toxic family patterns, whether it be present patterns or from past lifetimes as members of the same soul group.

My second intention was to let go of my own inhibitions that stand in the way of my true happiness.

My third intention was to observe myself from a vantage point that would allow me to see myself in relationship to other people and the world as a whole. In simple words, what is my special place on this planet? A question that has bothered me all my life!

Since I intend to use magic mushrooms only for psycho-spiritual purposes and am not interested in recreational use, for me setting the intentions prior to the mushroom intake is of crucial importance. How I see it, without the intention the Plant Spirit does not know what you want. The results will be vague accordingly. Story continues…

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