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This is my first article on this blog as well as the first in a series of accounts of my encounter with the healing wonders of the medicine called Psilohuasca.

The term Psilohuasca stems from “psilo-“, psilocybin/psilocin – the psychoactive chemicals contained in magic mushrooms and “-huasca” – the root and suffix of the word Ayahuasca, an ancient brew used by the shamans of the Amazon.

To completely unlock the healing properties of magic mushrooms one should intake an MAO inhibitor together with the psilocybin/psilocin containing mushrooms.

In Ayahuasca, the MAO inhibitor is usually the plant called Banisteriopsis Caapi a.k.a. the Liana of Death (note, it is also possible to use other plants as MAO inhibitors).

The Psilohuasca trip is quite different from a trip with magic mushrooms alone. Not only is it significantly longer but also the experience can be much more intense and profound.

The Ceremony

I purchased 50gr of shredded Banisteriopsis Caapi vine and 15g of Sclerotia Hollandia from the Dutch retailer Azarius. It is one of the oldest smart-shops in the Netherlands and they also have a very nice webstore at with a lot of useful info.

It took me about 15 hours to prepare the Caapi brew. I simmered the Caapi in distilled water, separated the plant matter from the liquid then simmered it again, in total 5 extractions. This is to take out the MAO-inhibiting elements to the max.

I started the ceremony at 10pm. First took the Caapi brew which I simmered down to the size of a small cup. Then 45 min later I consumed the sclerotia which I beforehand split in three portions.

After the intake of the last portion the sclerotia started to affect me quite quickly. I was feeling very well and could relax into the experience without any nausea or sickness whatsoever. Neither did I have any feelings of panic or anguish which I usually feel when the Plant Spirit starts to take me over.

The Voice of Plant Spirit

When the Plant Spirit attempts to communicate with you it is almost never a mental process. As my thoughts started to gradually dissipate the still voice of the Plant Spirit began to come through. I felt very light and happy and knew I am in for a great experience.


Psilohuasca First EncounterI wasn’t seeing a lot of visuals, instead I was very much attuned to the sensations in my body and was fully aware what was happening to me.

Visuals are nice but in my opinion becoming completely absorbed in visuals can in a way distract you from your process.


As I was progressing from one stage onto another in my trip I was able to ask the Plant Spirit questions and receive answers. Answers were coming to me not really in thought form but rather in insights and sensations.

Some questions were very “BIG” in nature, like: What is death and why are we here? In my previous experiments with visionary plants I’d already had a similar theme.

Other questions were of a more mundane character. I had some questions regarding my relationships and finances. These were answered too.

I should mention that since the information you receive is usually nonverbal it does take some practice and understanding of esoteric messages and symbolism to translate that information into human language.

Next to receiving lessons from Plant Spirit what appears to be even more important is the being able to integrate all that information into your daily life. Since we are constrained by time and space it does take time and effort for the changes to take place.


While this Psilohuasca trip wasn’t strongest I’ve had with visionary plants it surely benefited me in many ways. At first, this trip introduced me to the magic of Psilohuasca, secondly I was able to gain a lot of insights into myself and the nature of the Universe.

One of the messages I received was, I should continue my journey with Psilohuasca. Two weeks on and I was doing another Psilohuasca ceremony of mine with a higher dose of sclerotia. Read my account of this ceremony here.

Then, owing to this trip I’ve started this blog. Within a few hours from the trip I registered this domain name and uploaded the site to the server.

PS You should understand that Psilohuasca is not a recreational drug and should be taken seriously when it comes to choosing the quantity, location and your expectations from the trip. I’d say, it’s best not to expect anything at all from your experience with Psilohuasca, be as open as possible and let the Plant Spirit work its magic on you. Therefore, in my opinion, setting the intent to heal certain areas of your life is crucial for a safe and successful Psilohuasca experience.

If you have questions regarding Psilohuasca or would like to participate in upcoming Psilohuasca ceremonies, please feel free to send us an email.

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