The Love We Shared – Psilohuasca Retreat Holland, Jul 19 – 21

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I attended a three day Psilohuasca retreat on July 19 -21 in a beautiful location in the south of the Netherlands. Out of 12 people whom had been invited to this retreat 2 people didn’t make it so we shared space and our most intimate moments with the 10 of us.

For discretionary reasons I won’t be mentioning names here, however should say that all attendees were extremely open and nice people. Half of us were from the Netherlands and the other half were from two countries neighbouring with the Netherlands.

Safe Haven

Since, depending on the situation I still feel from time to time like being in the spiritual closet, I personally have some trouble opening up about my spiritual side before strangers and people whom I don’t completely trust however meeting everyone felt like an effortless process and I felt safe, appreciated and included right from the get-go.

Who Is He?

A few words about our group leader. I am not sure that “O” will be happy with this definition since in spiritual circles it’s not exactly a popular label to be used however, for lack of a better word I will call him “leader” since “O” was the one who had put a lot of energy into organizing this retreat, offered us both Peganum Harmala (MAO inhibitor) and magic mushrooms free of charge and attended to everyone of us individually during the ceremony night. To top it all off he prepared delicious food for us after our fasting was over.

Not only does “O” have a special relationship with magic mushrooms, he grows and tends them like to his own children with utmost love and care, he also shared with us his vision about life in general.

All he said to us during this retreat about love for oneself and the other hit home with me. It all made sense and didn’t in the least feel like spiritual mumbo-jumbo. I knew he was walking his talk and he made it very clear during the ceremony night that he lived up to what he was preaching. Also, his notion that life knows best for us therefore gives us the best of experiences right in this moment deeply resonated with me.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. ― Mother Teresa

You see, our culture teaches us to offer resistance to life on a daily basis. “Go out there and get it” is exactly the mantra that many of us unconsciously and religiously abide by which in turn fills our lives up to the brim with daily struggle, misery and resentment for one another.

Instead, staying attuned to the present moment, accepting what is and allowing for the life force to weave its magic through our lives is the very key to a happy, lasting, healthy, and prosperous living.

Paradise is here and now. There is no other place for us to travel to find God, true love, and happiness and magic mushrooms are here to help us create a crack in the dungeon of our own minds and as the light starts to shine through that crack transformation is inevitable.

Day 1: Friday, July 19

We arrived on location at around 4pm. It was a beautiful warm day and I was looking forward to meeting “O”, his wife and the rest of our group. After a short introduction and a small chit-chat I knew right off the bat that it was the right thing to have come here.

After having a small snack and a swim we gathered at the table to discuss what we were going to do this evening and on the ceremony night the next day.

Since “O” had promised us a surprise on the Friday night I was curious to find out what it was? As it turned out it was smoking DMT for whoever wished to do so. I immediately said yes to it since I had never tried pure DMT before but had heard of it as being an extremely potent psychedelic substance.

We gathered around in the living room. After a brief explanation on DMT, when we were asked who’d like to go first, a few people showed their willingness to do so including myself. The choice fell on me and here I am, inhaling the smoke from the pipe.

Since I had never been a smoker in my life it felt very unnatural to me to suck in the smoke from the pipe. Somewhere in the middle of this process my lungs became congested, I started to cough and couldn’t take more in. The DMT didn’t seem to work on me. The only effect I felt was some fuzziness in my head. I went back to my seat.

I felt embarrassed that I failed to smoke in front of other people and for a moment somehow regretted that I fucked up this amazing opportunity for visiting lala land.

Then the other participants smoked in turn and according to most, had short but quite interesting experiences.

As the evening was coming to a close I was becoming increasingly tired and longed for bed. I went to sleep at 2.30am filled with anticipation for a new great day. Story continues…

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  1. What a fantastic report. Magically written and deeply inspiring.

  2. Bailey James says:

    Without a doubt well written, hair raising and flow adrenal. A lifting read indeed.

    • Visionary Universe says:

      Thanks for your encouraging comment. Yes, it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I’ve ever attended. In October, I will be again in another Psilohuasca ceremony with the same people from last time. Another epic post will follow…

  3. You write beautifully my darling**Thanks for sharing

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