Psilohuasca Healing – The Journey Continues – My Personal Exploration Into The Domain of The Imperceivable

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Image Source: Here is an account of my personal experience with Psilohuasca so far. I had done a ceremony on myself with Banisteriopsis Caapi (an MAO inhibitor) and sclerotia (truffles) three weeks ago but then my exploration of the Psilohuasca-scape continued and I have recently had another ceremony. I am not sure about the safe dose, but I took half a cup of Caapi brew (have done 5 extractions out 50g of shredded Caapi vine) and two sorts of sclerotia. 10g of Cosmic Connections and the other one was Sclerotia Hollandia, which when I weighed was 17g instead of 15g indicated on the box. So in total I took 27g of sclerotia. I intuitively knew that everything would be alright. When I do so, situations usually work out for me very well! First I took the Caapi brew then about one hour later 10g of Cosmic Connections, all in one intake. This sclerotium didn't seem to affect me that quickly and after about an hour I only felt a very mild effect on me in form of tiny electric … [Read more...]

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