Make Love, Not War – Do We Need Politicians To Change The World?

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  There's been a question on my mind for quite a while now: Are political leaders of the world actually capable of making a genuine difference in the world or are they only part of the self-serving monster that is politics? I've asked a number of people whether they had reasons to trust and believe in the usefulness of politics. Most of them mentioned the following: arrogance corruption greed power-struggle secrecy Only a few people whom I questioned actually saw any sense in politics and even that was probably because they had a hard time to imagine humankind without politics; the rest didn't see any point in why we need political systems at all. Learning Our Lessons Apart from secrecy, greed and corruption that occur almost daily in nearly every country, there are many other reasons to mistrust politicians. However, this article is not about painting our politicians black, it's about looking at the situation from a much more broader perspective. Make Love, not … [Read more...]