The Love We Shared – Psilohuasca Retreat Holland, Jul 19 – 21

Psilohuasca Retreat Holland - header image

  I attended a three day Psilohuasca retreat on July 19 -21 in a beautiful location in the south of the Netherlands. Out of 12 people whom had been invited to this retreat 2 people didn't make it so we shared space and our most intimate moments with the 10 of us. For discretionary reasons I won't be mentioning names here, however should say that all attendees were extremely open and nice people. Half of us were from the Netherlands and the other half were from two countries neighbouring with the Netherlands. Safe Haven Since, depending on the situation I still feel from time to time like being in the spiritual closet, I personally have some trouble opening up about my spiritual side before strangers and people whom I don't completely trust however meeting everyone felt like an effortless process and I felt safe, appreciated and included right from the get-go. Who Is He? A few words about our group leader. I am not sure that "O" will be happy with this definition … [Read more...]

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